Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finding a Difference in Baja

Jeff's Log: Don asked Jeff what he wanted to say and he said "I got nothing to say, other than, to ackowledge Captain Roger Behnken for giving me the opportunity of an incredible adventure. One of the most striking revelations of the Mexican culture is the incredible wealth in their humanity. Always helpful, patient, invariably making eye contact and saying hello. This is not my expereince in the U.S. The neat part is fthe infectious nature of it all, as Gringo's find themselves making eye contact and acknowledging each other, maybe it is just the sailing community, but I don't think so. The constant experience of being offered various things for sale and having a simple "No", be sufficient. Simply put it would be the word "Respectful". Your not harrased in any fashion whatsoever. In fact one time in Cabo we were approached by a man who was touting a local strip club, we declined. but asked the location of a a particlular Italian restaurant, after trying to explain where the place was, he realized that the quickest way was to actually guide us on foot to the restaurant. For that we were happy to give him a tip in full gratitude and his attitude was not one of expecting a tip, but one of gratitude and gracious acceptance with an undertone of genuine friendliness.


affinity said...

WOW! This looks fabulous and looks like you are having a great time. All is well here. Healthy and happy.

Much love, affinity

carole said...

So much to be so thankful for! Loved meeting up in El Cardonal.. wishing you great joy! Carole