Tuesday, November 25, 2008

La Paz Whirlwind

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Don's Log: Tomorrow we set sail up North from La Paz for Guaymas on the mainland to put the boat, "On the Hard"(storage). We will be going along the coastline of Baja, many folks tell us that this section of Baja is some of the most beautiful cruising in the world. There has been so much experience in so little time since arriving in La Paz on November 15th. After docking at the incredibly friendly and wonderful in so many ways,  Marina de La Paz, we rented a car and drove from La Paz  to El Cardonal. There was only three of us on the boat now as we had dropped Ted off near El Cardonal two days earlier. Ted got off before La Paz  so that he could spend some time with his sister who was staying in a community of like minded Americans who had established an Intentional Community along a pristine section of coastline. They had "discovered" this place after looking for almost ten years. After finding land that met their criteria for a community of like minded people,  they  built various homes and integrated themselves into the local community. While there, I got to meet Lynn Dress, John Hensley and Juanita Riddell. These three have been in  community up in Ukiah California in a place called Greenfield.  They all welcomed us with open arms and generously  shared their time and love for this beautiful place. Lynn and Juanita have taken their passion for making a difference  by helping to establish a Non-Profit called Tu-Hogar(Your Home) in El Cardonal. The first thing they did was to ask this small community of perhaps 150 people what they wanted and the answer they got was a health clinic. They broke ground some months ago and already have the septic and the foundations for the walls  ready to be poured. If you click on the two pictures above you can get more information about the project.

Lynn showing  the plans for the community.
Lynn walking the site for the  clinic.
View from the "Big House" out into the Sea of Cortez
Just another day in Paradise!

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Good Blog Don ... thanks for keeping us informed ... you guys are my heros ...