Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cabo Days

Don's Log: Well, the Baja Ha Ha culminated in the awards ceremony last night. There were over a hundred boats in this years race and we came in third place. I should also probably mention that every boat got AT LEAST third place. Second and first place awards were given for those boats that made a leg or two or even all three legs distance without using their motor.

Captain Roger Behnken and First Mate Ted Csezak showing off our third place medal.

Lots of kids did the Ha Ha this year, the the youngest being 2 1/2 years old.
One of the kids one the prize for doing an imitation of her grandfather snoring, in the loudest snoring contest.

These three young men had very little open water sailing experience and made the entire trip without using their motor.

Roger and Jeff repairing the running lights that got destroyed by the jenneker on the bow sprit.

A fortune in boats, the Jolly Roger stands out eh!

Captain Hamisch of the Team New Zeland America's Cup boat and Don Peck pose for this pic.

Looking into the harbor.

Don was here in the early 80's and most of what you see in terms of building and such simply did not exist.

Cabo has become a very busy place with lots of traffic.

One of the Ha Ha events was for couples to recreate the scene in "From Here To Eternity".
David and Diana of Gai do an admirable job.
Heather and David at Squid Row.
What need be said?

We Made It!


Sugarplum said...

Oh my gosh. The pic's are wonderful, Ted you are definately true to form....ha ha. My Viking Husband. Looks like you all are having a good time.
It is good you could follow your dream (adventure). Way to go!!


AH said...

Don - great fun dancing at the Squid - continued good sailing.