Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Captains Log

Well here I am left with only one crew member(Don Peck), I guess I must be a pretty hard ass Captain. I thought everyone was having a pretty good time, but one by one they jumped ship, after eating my grub, and drinking my grog,why you would think I shang-hied the lot of them!
The first two that left were hardly sailors at all, Tom and Timothy, something about work and family responsibilities, bla bla bla,. the next on to leave was ( I thought an up and coming sailor) very affable young man, said he had to get off in Santa Barbara, with the excuse that he had four kids needing him to come home and take care of them.
I decided these family guys just do not know how to stick it out on the high sea, no more family guys! So I pick up two single sailors Shawn and Jeff in San Diego, they looked pretty good sailing all the way down the coast of Baja, in a race called the Baja Ha Ha, a very serious endeavor. As soon as the race ends shawn jumps ship in cabo San Lucas, I guess I cannot blame him, a young guy and all those beautifull women ashore, waiting.
But then the biggest shock of all, my first mate Ted, says I got to get off this ship, and were not even in a port Just sailing past a place called "Los Brailles," he announces let me off on a Tonga, he grabs his stuff and heads for shore , saying he's got to meet his Twin sister Katherine.
Well now I am down to two crew and wondern who's next, when my old buddy Jeff Say's I got to go bet on my Horse "Capital Cat" running at Golden Gate Fields, unbelievable!
so now I have just one crew who said h will be with me till Guaymus.It's a tuff life being the captain of the Jolly Roger

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Peter said...

Mr. Behnken ... great to read your enteraining blog entry ... I saw Jeff last night and he's beaming ... what a great adventure ... you guys are my heros!

See you when you come back the Razorbacks miss you!