Friday, November 21, 2008

Catamarans-All Sizes: It's the dream that counts

Dons Log: Two Catamarans and Two Dreams....

One is classified as a Micro-Cruiser (Miss Cindy) and was built from scrtach by Tony Bigras. It weights 450 pounds, cost about $10,000 in materials and took 500 man hours to complete. Tony has already sailed it 500 miles. He built it in Canada and then loaded it on top of a stationwagon and drove it down from Canada. He's quite the boat builder and you can check out his journal by clicking on his travel log or you can check out his other boats by clicking here. Tony plans to sail it down to Nicaragua and then transport it overland and put it in at Lake Nicuragua and sail over to the Carribean.

The boat behind Miss Cindy is called Carinthia and it's owners Dietmar and Susan have just purchased the boat to sail around the world. In the last 2-3 years they have been preparing themselves as sailors. Dietmar consults for the company he just sold and Susan still actively works for a college flying all over the world delivering leadership training. Dreamers all round in this world of water.

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