Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Jolly Roger Sets Sail to Mexico

The plan is for the The Jolly Roger to set sail at low tide on Monday (10/12/08) at around 4:30 in the morning. The makeup of the crew for the first leg is  Captain Roger with  First Mate Ted (friend of 40 plus years), and his nephew Greg along with Tom Taylor, Timothy Buchannan and Don Peck. It's a full boat with 6 crew members. 

Sean (in black cap) paints the picture of Ariel the Mermaid   from Shakespeare's The Tempest on the transom. First Mate Ted  is bending over and Captain Roger looks out from his boat. To look at more pictures of this journey please click here.


pj said...

Hey Roger (and crew) ... glad you were finally able to set sail ... Bon Voyage!

The Jolly Roger said...

Bon Voyage to the crew of the Jolly Roger~dp

Jay Ligda said...

Sorry about the late start. I thought I had missed you. I got some good shots of the sunrise though. See you in a few hours sailing under the Golden Gate. I'll make it back to the pier to take photos.

Sugarplum said...

Hi Grandpa, will you teach me how to sail?