Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Captains Log

Captains log 10/22/08
After a week of sailing down the California coast from Berkeley to Santa Barbara, on the “Jolly Roger”and having had many adventures along the way, we depart for Long Beach with continjency plans of Marina Del Ray, Depending on weather and wind.
We say a fond farewell to Greg Carbine, who was a joy to sail with, but after a long absence from his family he must return home.
There are so many friends who helped out during our departure from Berkeley, I will mention a few now and catch up later, Stephanie for her organizational skills and very special treatment of the Captian1, will Scott for the many shopping trips for the food we have ate with great gusto. My nephew Karl for his internet supporting always willing to jump in and help. Many guys who spent a day or more just working on the boat, Rich Symmons, Mark Peterson, Will Scott, Nick, Timothy B., tom Taylor somehow tucked himself into the battery compartment and changed for heavy marine batteries. Shawn Hanna for the wonderful Lady (Ariel) painted on the stern with the name Jolly Roger, then working to the wee hours to install a new music system, I Pod compatible. Tom Gerstil, for the books on Baja.

A big hug and kiss to our twin sisters Barbara Rudell, and Katherine Czesak for a wonderful Bon Voyage, and those fancy hats , one of them has been sacrificed to the sea gods, as our gift to them, sorry sisters.
Captain Roger

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