Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dolphins-Human Inteligence

Click here to see the an amazing video of the Jolly Roger enveloped by a pod of 100's of Dolphins 13 miles off Catalina island. It's been said that the dolphins and whales circle the planet, providing us humans an example to WAKE UP, to become CIVILIZED. Bearing witness to the majesty of these creatures off our bow, and all around us for an hour, was a powerful experience.. The video footage is rough, but conveys a bit of this amazing sight. These pictures and video were taken Thursday morning , around 8am, in about 2700 feet of of calm water.

The water was incredibly clear and the dolphins would dive down 20-40 feet and still remain pefectly visible. After about 30 minutes, a large group of young dolphins followed up the rear. We would watch in awe as some would leap out of the water with their noses going straight up, their bodies fully out of the water, tail fill skimming the water, showing off.


goooooood girl said...

i like......

Hannah said...

This is Peter G using Hannah's account because I can't remember my password. The dolphins- WOW! i can't believe I am so lame as not to be able to get away to join you for something as special as that. I did, however, just return from Nevada, where Fred Kohler and I spent the weekend canvassing, and also got to see Barack speak in Reno- and from about 75 feet away. It was almost as good as dolphins. His presence and the physical beauty of his smile, even of his hands, are just stunning. The crowd was so intense, and during the 2 hours we waited, the little "village" of fans around us was so diverse and wonderful and hopeful, that the whole thing was a very moving experience. Love to you guys


Peter said...

Nice blog ... looks like an adventure worth having!

Sugarplum said...

All is well on the home front 1st. mate Ted.
The dolphins were breath taking. I am so happy the mug is getting some use.
What an adventure you all can share with us.