Friday, October 24, 2008

Greg's Recap

What an amazing week I had. (click for pics)

The trip began at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Monday, October 13. Our start was a bit anticlimactic. We were scheduled to depart at 4:30 AM with the low tide, but someone figured out that we had it backwards – we should have left at high tide. Oh well. The batteries were dead, anyway. I had my first beer at 5:30 AM, a record low for me. We replaced the batteries and got underway by 10:30.

About an hour out of Berkeley, we unanimously voted to halt the cruise, restock the beer locker, and continue. We made a quick stop in San Francisco, and then we finally motored under the Golden Gate Bridge, out into the open sea, at 12:30 PM.

For eight days I ate, drank, and sailed amid a world unlike anything I had ever experienced. We had adventures: Don and I, both novices, sailing the boat back to Monterey after the engine quit; sailing for 50 hours straight; racing through the night in 30-knot winds, covered in sea-spray; landing the dinghy at Santa Rosa Island. But the best part of the trip was the fellowship of my fellow sailors.

Ted, Roger, and Don, my thoughts will be with you all the way down to the HaHa and beyond. Please keep up the blog.


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The Jolly Roger said...


It was a a pleasure sharing this adventure with you. I look forward to meeting your family some day and having another adventure or two with ya. This last week was definitely a "Peak" experience and were a big part of what made this such a grand experience. We will definitely keep the blog updated and thanks for adding all those pics (I added a link for the pics to your entry).

In Adventure,

Don Peck