Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update from Roger, Guaymas Harbor, 2/15/11

am still in Guaymas harbor, at the Fonatur Marina, we ran the motor very hard for about four hours at three quarters throttle to break it in ( as it only had about two hours running time). On the four hour run it ran smoothly, but my temperature gage was not working, so for whatever reason it stopped. We put the dingy over board dropped the engine on it strapped to the side and started to push the Jolly Roger back to the marina. At this point ,Ted started up the diesel again and it ran smoothly, but we still did not know why it stopped , so we drove back to the marina, using booth engines and turned on our new refrigeration system, making moore cold beer. This all happened yesterday afternoon, and as the engine was to hot to work on we sat around had dinner with our cold beer and left the engine work for today.
The weather has been perfect if not a little chilly at night, so hanging out with some people we know at the dock, has been fun , plus we took six junier high school boys and girls for a ride yesterday as they were making a movie about boats, and America, ( or that is the best we could understand). They were adorable, with little triangular hats on, made from newspaper,and one boy with a Abe Linclon hat on. they all wanted to steer the boat, and did not know how, and I said just like a automobile, and the all said in unison, we do not drive yet! They gigled and laughed a lot, as they kept taking pictures of themselves, and Ted and I with them steering. I almost got diszy as they kept going around in circles and having souch a great time I could not have the heart to tell them that they should try and steer for a destination, and learn what the wheel does.
When we reached the dock there were about eight people helping us at the dock, so very courios who our crew was, and wonder why th

six Guaymas Junior High students exploring America, aboard the Jolly Roger
e boat was going in circles out in the middle of the bay ( about a quarter mile straight off the docks), so they all had a front row seat to or unusual crews steering antics.
When we tied up and all they helping hands on our dock met the six junier high students, One of our dock hands was a young boy who was a little shy , but the three girls, in our crew all wanted to have there picture taken with him , because he looked like "Jessy James", Ted said the great train rober, and they all said NO! Of course we knew they were talking about the rock band "Jessy James"( now disbanded ), well since we checked the internet to find out they were a punk rock band!l
Love from the deck of the Jolly Roger

(posted to the blog by Phillip for Roger - Roger has posted some recent photos here)

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