Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Baloo said...

Wow, Guys - that's a great photo of the trailer. Looks like a professional photographer took it! Ha Ha. Great to meet you in San Carlos. Hope your haul-out went well. Nick

Niksmom said...

Roger, your card arrived yesterday, thanks! Wow, what an awesome experience this must have been. I can't wait to read the whole blog. Christian will be so glad to reconnect, I know.

To catch up on the latest about Nik, stop by my blog and say "Hi!" BTW, Christian's email has changed. ANDERSENCT (at) VERIZON (dot) NET. I hope you and some of the guys can reconnect with him.

Sending you love and warmest wishes for a fantastic new year! xo

John Duncker said...


John Duncker said...

OK try again I am in the process of buying a boat to cruise on and a sister boat has come up in St Thomas.

I would love to hook up with you and pick your brains about the design. john.duncker at

Richard E said...


I live in berkeley and plan to cruise my boat from San Carlos to Panama this winter. Call me to exchange plans.